Oct 23, 2009

1975 Sears Catalogue - Ooh La La!

I just received a 1975 Sears catalogue in a house cleanout. And oh my, it is a veritable treasure trove of blog fodder. I am about to reveal just how old I am, but I graduated from high school in 1974.
I swear I never wore these clothes. I swear, I mean I am flabbergasted. I knew it was bad. I remember some unfortunate plaid bell bottoms and quite a few ribbed sweater tops. Maybe even a qiana dress or two.
But Sears - How could you? Arnel poly triacetate?!? I don't even know what that is.

But I do admit we all thought these color combos were pretty cool. And the opaque tights with the perfectly matching shoes. Nifty isn't quite the word that comes to mind here.

Tweed, my eye. That's Earth Toned Poly In Glen Plaid. With pants to match. Oh my. Must swathe self in a natural fiber for a moment.

Okay cotton has brought me back. All I can think is:

When the eons pass, and the last ray of sunshine hits the earth before the supernova, it will be the poly knits and the cockroaches.

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Amandainvermont said...

Ooh LaLa is right - Those are the kinds of clothes that gave poly its bad name.