Sep 6, 2009

Passing the Kreativ Blogger Baton

My dear friend Lizzie at The Vintage Traveler just passed the Kreativ Blogger award baton to me. I am touched. Now it is my turn to pass the baton on in this relay race.
Here's the setup : 7 blogs, 7 things I love.

Seven Blogs for Seven Sisters:
Like Lizzie, I read The Girl Can't Help It every day. Kim is a wickedly funny writer with a unique take on life, vintage and how we see it all. You simply must read her entries on Spinnerin sweaters.
The Vintage Traveler - another every day read. Vintage sportswear, travel, women in vintage pants and dogs. Lizzie has a wonderful style.
Tom and Lorenzo: aka Project Rungay - a hoot and a half take on the special nexus of modern fashion, reality and haute couture. Who I am to judge? I let TLO do it.
The Fug Sisters: Oh my. I am not sure I can sum it up. They show clothes that make me cry, them they make me laught about them.
Couture Allure: Jody always has gorgeous vintage dresses to drool over, AND informative and hard to find vinatge photos.
Kickshaw Jonathan writes wonderfully researched pieces on fashion, exhibits vintage clothing and the bigger picture. And you have to see the photos.
The Vintage Goddess: Julie of Damn Good Vintage. She may rant, She may even rave. But damn is she funny. Vintage. politics, society and anything else she damn well feels like.
Lulu's Vintage: If it's Vintage, Lulu covers it. Rounds ups from all over the web, her People's choice and Top Ten awards, plus her own finds. A treasure.

Seven Things I Love, order optional:

Fudge. No explanation needed.
Truman, the Cat. The quintessential Good Cat , & yes, he is named for the 38th President
Jane Austen novels. For the wit, humor and characterizations.
Edith Wharton novels. For the wit and social observation.
Vintage Clothing. But that was obvious.
Art Museums . I could spend days and days.
Maps. Especially old ones that are beautifully drawn. But my KY Gazetteer is pretty wonderful.

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