Sep 19, 2009

Okay, Label Fiends: Fess Up

Oh yes. Label Snobs are nothing new. Now I am so sold we didn't have clothing with the labels on the outside, nor huge logos on T shirts, and the zipper pulls on our purses were just zipper pulls, not 3" metal and rhinestone logos.

But let's face it. We all knew what the 'good' ( and expensive) labels were. The cool girls had them. The shops they were in were the 'best'. Our parents tried to teach us to buy the quality not the label and no one with class discussed price or even where they shopped. That was dangerously close to the worst social sin: tackiness. Some even cut the labels out. And we were taught not to wear a dress as soon as we bought it. Oh yes - shades of Edith Wharton in The Age of Innocence where women put their Worth gowns away for a season so they wouldn't be too new and seem socially pushy.

How alien that all seems now. As long as women don't actually wear the price tag, they can be walking advertisments and be considered incredibly stylish.

Oh - back to topic. In my childhood, I wore almost all beautifully made clothing sewn by my mother. But in my teens years these are the labels I longed for:

Dresses, skirts, blouses: Bobbie Brooks. Jonathan Logan. Young Edwardian
Purses: Aigner
Shoes: Pappagallo. Weejun.
Stores: Stewart's. The Sycamore Shop. Kaufman's. Shillitos.

Now that I have shown my age and social milieu, it's time for you to tell the labels you grew up with!

Note: For photos and information on some of these and many,many other fashion labels , please visit the Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource, a collective work from the many members of the VFG.


Hatfeathers Vintage said...

My college roomate would max out her credit card at the Brass Buckle. I recall many pairs of Z Cavaricci jeans, too.

Amandainvermont said...

Hmmm. I only remember in the late 50's and early 60's I wanted to own Lanz dresses and I liked the clothes from Ann Taylor. Oh - and Villager!

fuzzylizzie said...

I grew up in the 60s in a very small town. My grandmother and I made all my clothes, so labels did not matter to me. Except I DID think I had to have a John Romain handbag and Bass weejuns. Never did get either one, as all mine came from Sears where Dad still got the employee discount because he had worked there 15 years prior and they were still holding out hope that he'd return!