Sep 7, 2009

It's All About the Hair Combs

I know the world of vintage clothing collectors seems small sometimes. But believe me, the world of Vintage Hair Comb collectors is really tiny in comparison. These are the decorative type I am talking about, found in horn, celluloid, tortoiseshell, metals, gutta percha, rubber, mother of pearl and ivory. They were worn from about 1800 to the 1930s. They are still around, but the techniques of construction have changed so much that it's a different beast now altogther.

They do make a wonderful decorative and even wearable collectible as they are not too fragile and can be gently cleaned with water. The celluloid are the trickiest to store as heat is a serious problem. If you decide to start acqurign these, just remebr that replacement stones are very difficult to find and broken combs are almost impossible to repair. And beware crackling in the cellluoid - it means the dreaded disease has struck and the entire piece will die.

Here's trio I just posted up at Past Perfect:

3 celluloid Combs, Top Left: Victorian French Ivory, Top Right: Edwardian Deep Green Celluloid w/blue stones, & Bottom: c. 1880s dark natural tortoise tone w/ jet cubes

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