Sep 3, 2009

Earthtones = Fall

I grudgingly admit that fall will be here soon. People are asking about suits and coats. Not that it is anywhere near time for wool, but it's on the horizon. Now the good thing about earthtones and all those autumal colors is that in lighter fabrics and accessories, you can achieve that autumn feeling sooner and more comfortably. And if there is anything Vintage Clothing can provide, it is earth tones.

1)c. 1976 Jean Varon by John Bates rayon border print dress. Lightweight, yet volumnious. Convertible from belted to smock fit . Mother of pearl buttons from neck to hem. It can be a closed or open as you choose. We show it with a beaded belt, but a big leather one would be a great accent. And boots. Oh yes - definitely boots.

Now available at Past Perfect Vintage

2)1940s brown felt percher hat with felt flowers. No pins needed, the circle clamp takes care of that. A great accessory, especially since 1940s flair is big now. Check out the September Vogue - lots of 40s inspired suits shown with vintage 40s hats.

Now available at Past Perfect Vintage

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