Aug 15, 2009

Vintage Shops We Recommend, Part 3

This is the Maine edition. Vacations can yield so much helpful information, can't they? We drove and drove and shopped antique stores, antique malls, consignmnet shops and even a couple actual vintage clothing stores. Miles and Miles later, this is what I can tell you.

In Portland:

Material Objects, 500 Congress St. : The emphasis is on Young and Fun. This is a busy shop with a mix of new, consignment and vintage. Nothing pre 1940s, but she has a good eye and it's worth the trip. The vintage is in the back. And as always, check condition.

Encore, 521 Congress St.: A beatutiful shop, with a stunning display of hats and accessories. Loads of clothes, and looks to be wonderful. I can't say much more as we arrived 5 minutes to closing and were told to make it quick. I did see a range of 1920s - 1970s. Looks great, but be sure to give yourselves a lot of time. Weekday closing is 5, but Saturday is 4. So get there early!


Orphan Annie's 96 Court Street: a wonderfully arranged , yet jampacked antique shop with a large room of Vintage clothing toward the back. And loads of costume jewlery in the front. Why, oh why, is the clothing always in the back? Quite a range of mens, womens vintage clothing, from Teens to 1980s. Prices vary, as does condition. Helpful proprietor, too.


Somesville Consignment Shop: a new shop, both antiques and accessories as well as clothing. The clothing is almost all 1980s - modern designer wear. Beatutiful things, presented well and priced accordingly. Very little pre 1980s here, but good quality shoes and some stunning evening wear with major American and European labels. Be sure to check out the pond, stream and small cemetery just behind the shop. It's special.

Bucksport/East Orland/Ellsworth/Trenton/Bar Harbor:

Loads of antique malls and consignment shops, so it's all in the luck of the day. Just get in the car and drive and be willing to stop!

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