Jul 10, 2009

White on Vintage White

There is something so crisp and clean about vintage whites. And not just the Victorian cotton lingerie dresses and undergarments, lovely as they are when they are laundered and pressed. There's a wonderful warm tone to vintage white leather and white textiles that new white fabrics and leather don't have. They are stark. Clinical. Vintage is Soft. It Glows.

It isn't easy to find vintage whites that are unstained, so a buyer should expect to pay accordingly. And should respect the labor it takes to launder and press those Victorian ruffles! When I finish with one of these, I feel like have been channeling my Inner Washerwoman. But do beware when you find vintage whites that are 'too' bright. They may well have been bleached, which will eventually shorten the life of the fibers. Most white silks and many white wools will age to an ivory or champagne tone. Nothing wrong with that color, either.
This is what I am talking about:

1940s White leather open toe pumps now available @ http://pastperfectvintage.com
1940s Chiffon dress now available at http://pastperfectvintage.com
Two Cotton Summer 'lingerie' dresses, 1905 - 1910, both now available at http://pastperfectvintage.com

18th Quilted petticoat from our personal collection

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Each of those pieces is so sweetly beautiful, but that 1940s dress just about had me doing a double take! It is absolutely sublime!!!

Wishing you a stellar weekend!
♥ Jessica