Jul 21, 2009

A Schizophrenic Vintage Life

When asked, what my favorite period of clothing is, I automatically freeze up. There was a time when I had a favorite, but that was long ago. I have given up such delusions of youth. I have developed an appreciation for fine construction and nice lines. I do have a soft spot for good fabric. After that, all bets are off. I have yet to come to love the 1980s, but I was an adult then and buying clothing, so it's not like I haven't given it a whirl. I don't want to degenerate into a Vintage Fashion version of the "all the children are pretty and above average" mindset, but I have come to see the good points of a lot of styles. After all, we all thought we looked pretty great when we wore them.

Hence the schizophrenia of two recent aquisitions. These within 3 days of each other.
First: a really fine ca 1902ish black chiffon over silk 2 pc gown with velvet ribbon and wide panels of handmade lace. And a NYC dressmaker label, to boot. Now this plays into quality fabric, neat ornamentation, lots of fine technique and the late Victorian period. All very wonderful in my book.
And second:
A very sleek and pared down 1960s Givenchy Couture silk dress in a yellow and pink floral. Beautifully made, lined in silk, hand set zipper. Also very wonderful.

Pretty much the antithesis of the Victorian dress, wouldn't you say? All they have in common is: Silk, good quality and lady's dress. And that they are both floor length.

How can I be equally pleased at finding and acquiring each of these? Note to self: must introduce left brain to right brain some day soon.

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