Jun 16, 2009

Before &After - Warning- A Non Vintage Post!

I hereby claim the blogger's prerogative to wander off topic.

Many people have written far better then I ever will about the benefits and joys of gardening.They go on and on. The fresh air, the satifaction of growing plants, the exercise. The fun of getting your hands dirty in the soil. Then there's the personal growth section. Peace of mind. And patience. And humility. Just try to make the sun shine, the temperature rise or the rain come. Those have certianly been lessons for me. Although the spring a rabbit in downtown Louisville ate every single plant that came up , it was a tough lesson.

But still, I garden. Now I have 3 acres to play with and I will never be done. And that is an apt metaphor for life, too. As is my sister's mantra: "All plants. All the time".

So here is the latest small project. This a problem area by the front walk, where it is partially shaded by a maple. No grass will grow here. We have seeded it 3 times , replaced soil, added organic matter. No grass. So it became a bed. We replaced the soil altogther, pulled out about 10 large roocks and added compost. Then planted purple coral bells, which have thrived under this treee in an adjacent bed, a flowering almond shrub,and pink flox along the edge that will spread and bloom in the spring by the door. This bed ties to a border that has pachysandra and the granite pedestal. And w eadded the concrete border at the side and driveway to keep the mulch in place and the rain water going down to the drain. Then we used contractor's grass seed in mulch. And it seems to be taking.

Mission accomplished. Now, maintenance.


tammytheburke said...

I'm impressed!

Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

thank you! it takes two of us so I will pass the compliment along

Ang said...

Niiiiiiiiiiice. I've been slowly cutting into my edge areas of patchy lawn too....turning that sod is a B**tch!

Very pretty!


Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

I haaaaaate turning sod. If it were up to me to do it, there would just be plants stuck in the grass all over the place. I tell you, it takes teamwork around here.