May 6, 2009

Those Summertime Dresses

I have done a number of Decade du Jour posts, but haven’t tackled the 50s. It’s just too daunting. There’s high fashion, American Ready -to Wear, European fashion, American sportswear, teenage styles, menswear, movies, Television, The New Look, all those Dior Alphabet Lines, Arggggh! It’s just too much. It’s a master thesis. Been there, done that. It all gives this girl a headache. Many decades can be summed up in early/late or even early/middle/late sections. Not the 50s. At least not to me.

So instead, we will just look at some the pretty, feminine 1950s vintage summer dresses I found on local shopping hunts, and one from far away. It’s all about the bust/waist/hip curviness. It’s about dressing appropriately for the time of day. Something that is sadly lacking in my life and times. It’s about looking like a girl, looking effort has been expended, and what’s more, it’s about foundation garments!


Red Linen Cocktail Dress & Blue Net, Lace and Taffeta Dinner Dress
Tangerine Pique Dress & Coat, Red Cotton Print Anne Fogarty Dress
Cotton Print Carolyn Schnurer Dress, Turquoise Halter Dress

all available at Past Perfect Vintage

1 comment:

Jessica Cangiano said...

What lovely dresses! I can practically see the gentle, warm summer breeze rustling through their hems :)

Wishing you a serene & beautiful weekend,
♥ Jessica