May 24, 2009

Designer du Jour: Edith Small

While there were certainly California designers and manufacturers in the 1940s and 1950s who achieved a both national following in their day and the status of Major American Designer ( Adrian, Irene, Galanos, Howard Greer, etc), there were many who, while highly respected in their working years, have faded from view almost completely. Edith Small was well known in her day, receiving East as well as West Coat newspaper coverage for her collections. Although originally from Chicago, she opened her clothing house in Los Angeles, California in 1945. Small was recognized for her always feminine suit and gowns. She worked with high quality fabrics, including French and Italian imports. Edith Small died in 1965 at the age of 60, and her workshop went on to produce for Bert Geiger.

Many thanks to the Members of the Vintage Fashion Guild at who were so very generous with their research.

Later 1950s Edith Small suit of imported black and white silk tweed with silk bow and jet buttons, Coming Soon to

1950s Edith Small suit - courtesy of

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