May 2, 2009

Designer du Jour: Ben Reig

I have just found my third Ben Reig dress in the last few hunts. This seems to happen to me. I never see a label, then I see it a lot. And then, never again. It’s VERY odd. But I have learned to roll with it. I am starting to enjoy the sequence of events actually. I never know what it will be.
So to commemorate the latest finds, here’s a bit about Ben Reig and some of what is out there from this label.

From “The design firm Ben Reig was founded in 1929. The main designer at Ben Reig from 1941 through 1954 was Omar Kiam. Starting in 1948, Kiam also did a line of costume jewelry for Ben Reig. Eva Rosencrans designed for Ben Reig starting in 1961. Both designers were known for their elegant, simple, luxurious (and expensive) designs”.

I can add that by the late 1950s, Ben Reig was referred to a ‘senior name in American fashion‘, and his 1968 obituary in the NY Times called him ‘the Seventh Avenue designer known as the dean of the New York Couture Group’. The label did continue on until at least 1972/73 under the supervision of his widow, Doris Reig Arluck.

The company was well respected for the quality of the designs and known for conservative, tasteful and rather expensive garments.

Let's look, shall we?

1950s Ben Reig Black Silk Full Skirt Dress @

Black Harlequin Weave Slipper Satin 1940's gown @

1950s Ben Reig Navy Sheath with Openwork Neckline from

1940's Pink Lace Gown Ben Reig Omar Kiam

1950s Ben Reig Beaded Satin Cocktail Dress

Ben Reig Cocktail Dress w/ Beads & Velvet Trim

1950s Ben Reig Midnight Blue Silk Dress from

1940s Red Crepe Evening Gown , Coming Soon to Second Looks


denisebrain said...

I really loved the one Ben Reig I have found...and it was elegant and tasteful, but I wouldn't have thought to call it conservative, with an illusion yoke and big velvet bow at the center bust. Lucky you finding several recently!

Jessica Cangiano said...

They are all so fantastically pretty, but the 1950s Ben Reig is hands down my favourite. It's the sort of piece that if I owned, I know I would want to wear every day of the week :)

Wishing you a marvelous week,
♥ Jessica