Mar 5, 2009

The Main Man

The Main Man did suits. I am quite positive he would object strenuously to being called anything as pedestrian and slangy as The Main Man. Nonetheless, here we are. I have had this 1950s Mainbocher suit quite some time. It's a nubby silk with lots of handfinishing. The jacet has almost a cardigan effect with bias strips that form a placket , keyhole buttonholes and large buttons. The skirt has a decorative shaped yoke that is hidden when the jacket is closed.

It's very quiet and subtle, and yet appealing. Part of the appeal is that it has a provenance. Another is that I found it at a small town auction some years ago in Indiana, and no one else wanted it. There's nothing quite like the feeling that you see a diamond and no one else does, is there? And if I had any doubts, I then found a photo of C.Z. Guest in a very similar suit by, yes, the Main Man.

1950s Mainbocher Silk Suit, now available at
C.Z. Guest photographed in Vogue in a very similar Mainbocher suit in 1955

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