Mar 23, 2009

Baby's Got 2 New Pair of Shoes

I''ve had to take a bit of a break here from blogging. Life is like that.

But I am are back with 2 new pair of shoes - both 1950s, both stylish, both well made, both 'good' brand shoes and both pair are sz 7 1/2. It's a darn shame I wear an 8. And spend my time standing on concrete floors, or weeding a garden, or walking at the Y. In other words, I have no place in my life for stilettos. Life is like that, too.

Please tell me women still go places and wear dresses that require marvelous, feminine shoes. It would make my day.

1950s De Liso Debs Stilettos at

1950s Doeskin Delman's at

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