Feb 5, 2009

If Only It Fit Me #5

I am afraid this may be the endless series! Poking about the internet, looking at 1940s suits . I have no occasion to wear them, they don't hold up well to kneeling on the floor fitting dancers, doing yardwork, taking photos. But I do love fine tailoring. I want to wear one of these and look like Rosalind Russell. Alas, that option is no longer available.

And then I found this one at Damn Good Vintage. Oh, Oh, oh. Look at that. That is just the best front. And it's an Irene.

Vintage 40s Amazing Irene Lentz Nipped Waist Military Look Suit B36 W28 S M @Damn Good Vintage

Someone buy this and put me out of my misery.

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