Feb 27, 2009

Everyone Needs 1890s Glamour

I seem drawn to transitional styles. You can also call them cuspers. Those periods in between the big fashion movements, as one silhoette morphs into another. The late 40s into 50s, the 20s into 30s, the 1870s into 1880s. And then there's the 1880s bustle as it segues into the Gay 1890s leg o' mutton.

For example, this dress and hat we have just added to our website. The fabrics are a rich textural combination of silk faille and silk floral brocade with brown cord trim and lace wrist cuffs. The wonderfully detailed felt hat has velvet, silk and brocade ribbon , and an aigrette to add vertical height. You can just see the end of the bustle and the beginning of the leg o'mutton.

both dress and hat now available at http://www.pastperfectvintage.com/.

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