Jan 6, 2009

Rainy,Grey Tuesday and Mollie Parnis

We just can't be fair to the remaining First Ladies on a grey, rainy, dreary, cold January day.
So in a tangential feature to our First Ladies A Day series, here’s 3 Mollie Parnis dress and coat sets we have at available. Don’t they look warm and chic on a January day? Yes, indeed they do.
What’s the Mollie Parnis and First Lady connection, you ask? She probably dressed more First Ladies than any other. She started with Mamie Eisenhower and dressed them all until Betty Ford. And maybe Rosalyn Carter - but I can't verify that.

Ca 1960 Mollie Parnis Black Wool Dress Suit with Rabbit Collar, from L.S. Ayres at

dated 1972 Mollie Parnis Cobalt Blue Wool & Black Persian Lamb Dress Suit from Saks 5th Ave Custom Salon at http://pastperfectvintage.com

Late 1970s Beige, Tan & Cream Mollie Parnis Dress & Coat Suit from Mary Ellen’s Couture, Memphis at http://www.pastperfectvintage.etsy.com

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