Jan 12, 2009

A First Lady A Day : Nixon/Johnson/Truman Update

It’s only the 12th, and we have plenty of time until Jan. 20th, so thanks to the help of Vintage Fashion Guild members, I have full length photos of some of our MIA Inaugural dresses.

from www.time.com
Bess Truman 1949, Gala Dress. we saw this beofre, but it was a half length shot. I know that Time credits it as the Inaugural Ball gown, but the Truman Library says it's the Gala, and I am going with them. Some day I will find a good shot of the draped dark velvet Inaugural Ball gown. So far, I can only find it as a doll dress. And that doesn't count.

I stand by my opinion here. Tasteful, safe.

Lady Bird Johnson, 1965 . The designer is John Moore, the dress is a "A-line gown in jonquil-yellow double-weave silk".
The bodice is the best part. I still like the color. The skirt is a bit boring.
from www.capitolfile-magazine

Patricia Nixon, 1973. I liked this better in black and white. Maybe it’s the quality pf the photography. But that blue is a little ‘baby’ for my taste. Half grade off.

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