Jan 21, 2009

A First Lady A Day: Michelle Obama!

Okay,I have avoided all other posts and assessments so far. So here is my own response.

The coat and sheath dress by Isabel Toledo. Wonderful color, bright and fresh and popped beautifully in both single and crowd shots. It was great on the screen, unique to the First Lady, and I loved that. Great lace texture and the gold shimmer gave it life. I thought it worked well in going from noon to early evening. Loved the green gloves and shoes. The whole look was just very now and polished without being at all cliched or over the top.

The Inaugural Ball Gown. Again, a polished look, very now, very soft and not at all a standard 'political' look. The chiffon was lovely, and when I could see the details in the bodice, a fascinating effect. Loved the one shoulder line for her - she can do it well. Beautifully accessorized. The pale color did get washed out by some of the very harsh spotlight lighting at a couple of the balls. She handled the train well, but I did get worried it was getting stepped on!

I really loved that Mrs. Obama went in fresh direction. No Satin. No Beaded Lace. No Red , no Blue. No long sleeves and Neckline Up to Here. And yet she found a look that was appropriate and formal and grand. Good deal.

And kudos to Dr. Jill Biden on walking Pennsylvania Ave. in spike heel boots and looking stunning in a red chiffon strapless gown. Fab.

And that closes out this series. We will return to our regular programming in a few days when I get some rest!

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