Jan 10, 2009

A First Lady A Day : Barbara Bush, 1989

You will have noticed I am not doing mini bios on the more recent First Ladies. You know who they are. You may well remember what they wore.
I must say that Barbara Bush successfully presented herself as a soft, grandmotherly figure. I suspect there is a lot more steel in there than my grandmothers had, but hey. She was smart not to try to glamorize her look. The white hair, the fuller figure, the pearls. It worked for her. And after Nancy Reagan, she would have looked a little silly trying to go Hollywood.
That said - let’s do The Dress.
on the left, from http://online.wsj.com, on the right from http://www.capitolfile-magazine.com

from www.time.com

I must say I think this was brilliantly designed for her. The deep velvet bodice slims her torso by being so dark and soaking up the light. The diagonal line of the skirt - perfect for her figure. The color is great for her hair, the wide, open neckline brings the focus up to her face and balance the skirt. Well done, Mr. Scaasi. I really do think this was one of the best dresses she ever wore. And it works perfectly for the occasion. A+.

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fuzzylizzie said...

Hollis, I totally agree. Scaasi knew his clients, and he sure did right by Barbara Bush. I loved it then, I love it now!