Dec 10, 2008

What's Your Bag?

I carry a normal purse every day. A nice sturdy brown leather Coach shoulder bag. It looks like a Civil War ammunition pouch. It's great, it was a gift. I get out a black leather Ferragamo shoulder bag when the good coat comes out. Also a gift. However, I do vintage with the coat: 1950s black eyelash wool with sheared beaver collar from an Indiana farm estate auction.

But when it comes to really specal events, I try to remember to get out the Vintage Purses. It's a whole world of devotion I was late to find. And one I am trying not to get too deeply sucked into. It's expensive. But those little marvels are addicting. And so usable. And they are 'green'. And even those who would look at you oddly for wearing a vintage dress will ooh and ahh over a beaded bag. It has happened to me.

My personal favorite? This Teens beaded bag in red and yellow with a filiagree clasp. Someone tried to buy it off my wrist. Another asked me how much I could really fit in it. I actually opened it up and showed her - cash. credit card. keys. small brush. lipstick.

One of my first purchases. Egyptian revival 1920s bag. Metallic brocade, gilt filiagree frame and turquoise beads. I am a sucker for 1920s Egyptian revival . I still regret the sterling silver lorgnette I sold 10 years ago. Learn from my mistakes.

A bright gold enameled mesh Whiting and Davis my sister gave me for Christmas some years ago- what a good sister. I love these, but admit when you put anything in them that isn't flat and rectangular, the line is ruined.

And last for today: a gift to myself after a trying work period. I made a little extra cash, and some of it went to this mid 19th C micro beaded drawstring bag. I love the colors, the sawtooth edges, the flowers.

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Anonymous said...

All gorgeous bags but I love the Egyptian revival the most..