Dec 12, 2008

Pucci, Oscar, Starr & more

Now we have some fine goodies for December. It's not easy finding wonderful things for our website. Truth be told, the last few shopping trips have not been as successful as we like. But still fun to get out and hunt. The stars seem to have to line up just right to find quality vintage in good condition these days. So when you find something you like - whether it's at our shop or another one - grab it! You won't see its like again.

That said - we do have some marvelous things to show you this month.

Only our second Emilio Pucci ever:

A fab 1920s sequined chiffon dress:

a 1970s Malcolm Starr metallic chiffon evening gown:

a romantic Oscar de la Renta evening dress in pink silk satin:

and a fine 1908 black wool cutwork dress:

and there's always more, so come on over to!

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