Dec 16, 2008

Past Perfect Opens an Etsy Store

Yes indeed! We have done it. We have opened a store: Why? It's place we will be selling accessories, hats, shoes and newer, more affordable vintage clothing from the 1950s - 1980s. We might even be brave and sell menswear. We like the format, we like the people, and we like the hearts! The price range there will generally be under a $100 and it will be a separate inventory from our big, main, primo site,
Now don't worry - we will still have loads of great vintage fashions from the Victorian Era through the 1960s, plus vintage designer duds at the main site - think of this as a satellite shop. If is Jupiter, then the new shop on is Io.
Just listed on etsy:
Victorian Poinsettia Christmas Theme Celluloid & Rhinestone Hair Comb
1950s Saks Stilettos

1920s Moire Wide Brim Cloche Hat

1960s Matelesse Evening Dress

1 comment:

Sue said...

Hollis, your shop looks
wonderful - you will do well there.

Etsy is sooooooooo cool, I love it there.