Dec 22, 2008

A First Lady A Day: 1977

Rosalynn, Rosalynn. I do admire Rosalynn Carter’s contributions, her sense of self and the work she has done. I even admired the goal of taking the First Family back into the realm of average folks and losing some of the Imperial Presidency trappings. And she was pushing us to take a First Lady seriously with her political work and missions abroad. She is due a great deal of recognition for that. I liked that she made some of her own clothes. I liked that she bought off the rack (yes!). And I don’t believe the First Lady is required to patronize Major American Designers for the Inaugural, despite what those designers say about supporting the American Fashion Industry. And boy, do they rip any First Lady who dares not to use one of the chosen few! An American designer, yes. After that - a lady should be able to choose who she wants!

All that said, this is a look that doesn’t hold up. She wore this to Jimmy Carter’s Gubernatorial Inaugural in 1971 and wore it again in 1977 and wanted to make a point. But she has a lovely figure, slim, good posture. This looks like a Bea Arthur in Maude dress . That full length vest is meant to hide things. Not Necessary. C-.

Rosalynn Carter's Inaugural Ball Gown Rosalynn Carter's 1977 inaugural ball gown and 1971 gubernatorial gown, designed by Mary Matise for Jimmae Gold. Embroidered sleeveless coat over a blue chiffon gown with gold trim at neck, center front, waist, and cuffs Courtesy National Museum of American History

Her day time coat was very nice. Looks like teal from a distance in the color photos. Neat, trim, good color, very presentable. Nothing spectacular, but looks good on her, the color set off her hair. B+


from :Jimmy Carter, Josip Tito and Rosalynn Carter pose for a formal portrait during a state dinner

See? Simple, lovely color. Looks like a smart, serious woman with nice figure and good carriage.

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