Nov 28, 2008

The Thrift Store Blues

The day before Thanksgiving, I went out on a thrift store hunt. I used to really enjoy these, although most of the enjoyment came from finding treasures, not the ambience. Clean and not smelly is good. I hit 5 big stores - a Goodwill, a Salvation Army, a Unique, American Council of the Blind, a locally owned one, and two smaller stores.

Maybe they have already had the Christmas shoppers attack, but my, my it was bleak. I used to find a few vintage treasures every trip. Oh, maybe not a lot, but something. I had hoped to post a cool find or two here.

So what did I see in vintage? A couple 1940s-50s mouton coats ( heavy and a tad overpriced and I don't handle fur), a navy blue crepe 1950s dress ( like every other matronly 1950s dress in the world), an okay white fur stole ( see above), a 1960s orange suit (stained), a silk 1980s formal gown ( very odd) and more polyester and sad rayon 1990s than I want think about. I came home empty handed after 6 hours on the road.
So instead, I will share my great find of the fall. I will not tell you where or how much, as I must protect my few sources, just that it wasn't a vintage clothing store and it was a great surprise.

two 1950s Hattie Carnegie suits - same size, very similar style and most likely the same owner
Cool, Hunh? The blue one is now available at and the black one is Coming Soon.


Anonymous said...

Those Hattie Carnegies are gorgeous mmm

fuzzylizzie said...

Come on now, Hollis. Yu know you want to tell us your secret source! Great suits! Lizzie

Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

My lips are forever sealed.