Nov 11, 2008 heard it here first: new vintage arrivals at Past Perfect Vintage

New arrivals at Past Perfect Vintage! We don't add tons of inventory every month. Because we ( that's Monty and I) want to really love each piece we find. Or if not love, at least feel a profound liking. Although the third member of our team, Truman the Cat, gets no vote. He has no taste except for fur toys, and those must be black or white to be chic.

We added an eclectic assortment for a variety of tastes (and sizes).Top to bottom: a great 1950s gold brocade cocktail dress, a 1920s purple silk satin and chiffon 2 pc dress set, a hand knit green ribbon knit set by Ann Fleischer, a lovely blue wool suit by Hattie Carnegie, a 1950s Dalton cashmere cardigan with fox collar, and a 1990s Moschino Mickey Mouse vest in wool.

And there's even more in The 40s & 50s, The 60s & 70s, and The Designers departments.

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