Nov 16, 2008

If It Only Fit Me: #1

There is so much vintage clothing I would love to buy if it only fit.

Part 1 of a long, long series.

I am a believer in vintage wool suits. This of course from a woman who is allergic to wool ( one of the tragedies of my otherwise happy life) and who admittedly doessn't wear suits when working at the keyboard.
But it is a tenet of my fashion beliefs that Suits are Great. Suits are Stylish. Suits are Practical. Suits make a Statement.
And vintage wool suits - even better. The fabics are better than most available now, the construction is superior and the style - ooh. Add the right blouse and accessories and you will be perfect.

Case in point:

This black and white wool tweed with colorful slubbing, quilted red acetate lining and black leather collar. Maggie at denisebrain has paired this with great red accents and a scoop neck black top. Tell me this isn't a fantastic look. And it's available at her ebay store, denisebrain for an amazing $35.


denisebrain said...

Shucks Hollis, thank you for pointing out this suit in my store! I haven't the easiest time with wool myself, but you seriously can't wear it at all? Not even cashmere? Quelle horreur!

Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

With enough lining and an underlayers, I can manage it if it's soft. But next to the skin? Never! and never a sweater!