Nov 6, 2008

Designer du Jour: Jo Copeland

Now when I was a pure collector of vintage clothing, I never bought anything later than the 1930s. As a result, I was hopelessly out of the loop on American designers. I was also pretty silly and shortsighted, because there are so many wonderfully designed 20th Century garments out there. And they are generally in much better condition than the Victorian and 20s I was exclusively looking at. When I started to be a seller, it meant I had a lot of catching up to do.

I hate to admit it, but Jo Copeland’s name and work has never entered my consciencness until a very few years ago. The first thing of hers I handled was a 1950s brown wool afternoon dress - very sleek, with some nifty details. While her work is certainly mainstream, there seems to always be something a bit her own. It’s different, well made, and very American.And well worth looking into.

A few examples online now:

Mid 1950s Black and red silk taffeta Patullo-Jo Copeland dress at

c. 1940's Pattulo-Jo Copeland black crepe dress with raspberry velvet trim at

1950s Pattullo-Jo Copeland black crepe & taffeta cocktail Dress at

1960's Pattullo-Jo Copeland silk print dress euit at

1940s Pattullo-Jo Copeland in floral crepe rayon dress in black, white, bright violet and fuschia at


Penny said...

the black crepe dress with raspberry velvet trim is gorgous!!!! i need that in my posession now!!

Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

It is yummy. I love the detail and color contrast, too