Nov 18, 2008

Decade du Jour: The 1860s

The 1860s remain enormously popular with collectors and enthusiaists. It's partly the re-enacting thing and the crinoline thing. And partly the 'romance' of the American Civil War. Trust me , there was nothing, and I mean Nothing, romantic about it. Visit the national cemetaries sometime.

But this blog isn't devoted to military history, it's about Clothing! Fashion! Shoes!

Now that I have that out of my system, let's move on to the 1860s in our whimsically non sequential Decade du Jour series. Lovely skirts, pretty colors, lots of yardage. Lightweight fabrics so the skirts didn't weigh a ton, round crinolines, oval crinolines, pagoda sleeves early, not so much late. Capes and bonnets to form the famous trinagle silhouette. Not an easy era to move about in and emminently unpractical. But beauty can be that way.

Pre Teen Girl's silk party dress ca. 1860s currently available at
ca 1864 gold silk party dress from the Past Perfect Vintage archives
mid 1860s ( altered in the 1870s and restored) Green faille dress from the Past Perfect Vintage archives
1860s Blue Striped Silk Bodice with Pagoda Sleeves currently available at
Late 1860's Peach and Gray Gown shown at

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