Nov 13, 2008

Coats On Parade

It's finally turning colder here in the Upper South/Lower Midwest/wherever it is we are. Vintage coats have always been one of the things I wear as soon as the temps drop. Why?

They fit. They are interesting. And the quality and craftmanship beat modern coats for the money every time. I have 3 coats and jackets I wear now. One black with fur collar, one gold and black herringbone, and one cream and black windowpane plaid. Add a great brooch and you have a look.

Let's see what's in the closet at Past Perfect Vintage:

Left, Blue wool 1950s Traina Norell,
Right Grey Wool 1960s Norman Norell
Left, Red Wool 1960s Coat with scarf from Byck's,
Right Black Wool Maxi from Garfinckle's
1960s Red Wool with black passementerie from Stewart's

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