Sep 22, 2008

Vintage Shopping Exhaustion!

What a run it’s been. I feel like it is all Vintage Clothing, all the time. First catching up from 3 months doing theatre work and vintage simultaneously. Then prepping the summer sale - photos, measures, writing; the whole nine yards. Then the sale itself, which was great. And now packing and shipping. Plus a big local sale last Sunday - an hour and half in line and a drive home in hurricane force winds ( 80 MPH!!!), but oh some treats are coming to the website. Then this past Saturday and Sunday, we trekked to the Leslie Hindman auction in Chicago. Also great, and more buys. Now, I must catch up again before we hit another out of town auction this weekend. Because theater work calls my name next week. May I say - oh my!
And just a teaser for the future:

This rack was empty last Saturday. Lots of names there: de la Renta, Blass, Moschino, Beene, Norell, Carnegie. And some lovely 1920s through 1950s things too.

Alright, enough talking, must get back to doing.

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