Aug 5, 2008

Tuesday Night Vintage Round Up!

Git along lil’ vintage doggies!

The 1960s have been on my mind. It’s a decade I lived through and mainly remember for the turmoil. And clothing I coudn't wear well. As a result I have avoided it all for awhile, but I must admit, in retrospect, it’s growing on me. Sleek stuff some of this, with great details. Plus fun accessories.

Let's subtitle this post: Clothes I Wish I Had Gotten to Wear in The 1960s

So let’s see what’s out there:

From :

Wonderfully simple Geoffrey Beene. Love the texture contrast. Love the belt. If only I could have been this person in 1968.....

From :

Stunning metallic mini by Paraphenalia from a choice vintage clothing site. It’s all lovely. Come to think of it, I think I did have the cheap knock off version of this dress.

And from our own

A trio of my favorite 1960s cream dresses - long or short, beaded, rhinestone or plain. It's the cream thing.

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