Aug 23, 2008

A Tribute to The Sublime 1920s Cloche Hat

What is it about the 1920s Cloche? It's a simple silhouette for hat. Just a very deep crown, rounded or seamed, occasionally square in profile, with 3 brim variations: none, small or an oval wide one. No Philip Treacy theatrics, no fireworks or streamers. And it has even been ridiculed as a helmet rather than a hat.

Yet the simple lines and available space lent themselves to surface ornamentation and asymmetric elegance. And you know how I feel about good line and texture.

The cloche gets reintroduced and rethought with regularity. There's something about a deep crown that women like to wear. And it's not just because it solves bad hair days! They tell me hats are back 'in' - does this mean my love of the 1920s cloche will put me in the fashion forefront for a mo?

Tribute to a Hat Silhouette I Admire, Part One

Black Crepe Wide brim 1920s Cloche from our personal collection
Orange silk 1920s cloche from the Past Perfect Archives
Straw work 1920s Cloche from the Past Perfect Archives
Crepe 1920s Cloche with ruching, available at
early 1920s Liberty of London Cloche with Ostrich plumes, from the Past Perfect Archives

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