Aug 31, 2008

Those Fancy Victorian Hair Combs

I have collected these little treats for years. Truth be told, I am not sure what got me started. Maybe it was that they had rhinestones. That could have been all it took. The range of colors and styles in the celluloid combs is certainly such to encourage the collector. And then there’s all the materials: tortoise shell, ivory, horn, metal, well, almost anything including rubber has been used in Victorian and Edwardian combs and hairpins. As I handle these more and more, though it’s the older carved tortoise and horn ones I really admire. Now I am not an expert by any means. And these are hard to date to a specific year as styles would be manufactured for quite a long period. But generally, the styles follow the lines of the design lines of a given period. And of course, they have to complement the hairstyles of the time.

Here’s a few available at for your enjoyment:

early 19th C Large Hand Made Horn Comb
ca 1830s Large Tortoisehell Comb from our private collection
2 Red & Black Celluloid combs, Left is Victorian era, Right is from our archives and is 1920s Art Deco
Black & Clear Celluloid Edwardian Comb with rhinestones
2 Victorian Era Celluloid combs from same pattern, Left is French Ivory with gold paint & stones, Right is clear with soft blue stones

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