Aug 26, 2008

The Sublime 1920s Cloche, Part Deux

In part one, I showed off eye candy of mostly wide brimmed cloches. Part Deux features more of the truly sleek brimless cloches. These are the real skullcap/helmet types that require short hair. These hats looked great with the really tubular, linear dresses of the later 1920s. And it's a style that still works for modern short hair and the long, lean modern line.

1920s Blue Straw Cloche available at

1920s Brown Velvet Cloche from L.P. Hollander , from our archives
1920s Orange Velvet Cloche with cord work, applique and embroidery from our personal collection
1920s Brown Felt Cloche with Appliqued Petals & feather pom-pom from our archives
1920s Blue Velvet and Grograin Ribbon Cloche from our archives

1920s Unlined Black Openwork Asymmtrical Bruck -Weiss Cloche, also from our archives

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