Jul 5, 2008

Norell on 5th of July

Yesterday was the 4th of July. Firework show set to music, 25 cent ice cream and a big town get together here. Yet the most charming thing about the day was that people spontaneously stopped all around the town to watch the fireworks in parking lots, closed business driveways and highway shoulders.

So today, who came to mind, but that most American of designers, Norman Norell. It’s not just that he was from the Midwest, Noblesville, Indiana to be precise, but that there was something quintessentially American about his choices. His clothes were simple, wearable, and functional, and yet he could pull out all the stops when it came to evening wear and prints. Although I came to appreciate his vision rather late in my career, I have yearned for a sequin mermaid gown for years. A master craftsman, Norell’s RTW garments were beautifully constructed and finished.

A post holiday tribute in red, white and blue:

left to right: 1970 Norman Norell Lipstick Red Wool Knit Dress & Jacket, c. 1958 White Silk Traina-Norell dress, and late 1950s Traina-Norell Navy Blue Wool Coat. All currently available at http://www.pastperfectvintage.com/

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