Jul 19, 2008

A Long Day on the Vintage Highway

I am tired. Really tired. Just in from a long day on the Old Vintage Highway. And it was 95 degrees everywhere we got out of the car. KY and IN in the summer. Woof. But it was a good day roaming town to town. 6 dresses, a hat and a pair of 1960s Go-Go boots. Plus a basket of fresh peaches, a jar of locally produced honey and gas at under $4 a gallon.
The disappointment of the day? The wine silk and silver lame 1920s Bergdorf-Goodman Delman evening shoes that were too shattered to even think about buying. grrrr.
No pictures yet, so you will have to be satified with some shots of last night's additions to http://www.pastperfectvintage.com/:

Victorian Celluloid Comb with Blue Stones & 'Jenny Lind' fan in bone & embossed paper

Great 1950s Lace Dress with circle skirt and heavily beaded yoke

1950s Leslie James Hat in Fur Felt

1950s Lace over Floral Print Roban Dress with Coordinating Velvet Shrug

I promise the next post will be more thoughtful and less self promoting than this one. Really it will.

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