Jul 13, 2008

Decade du Jour: The 1910s

It’s time for a Decade du Jour again. Let’s do the 1910s this time. An appealing decade, this one with loads of Edwardian detail and fine construction fabrics, but so much lighter and easier to wear than many of the previous fashions. Very fluid, very graceful, but with some odd asymmetric lines that keep it all a bit off balance. And then of course, the Great War comes and life and fashion have to get more practical for a bit. And then, it’s all gone. As a child I remember reading about 'how the war changed everything' and I thought they were referring to WWII, but then I saw photos of pre WWI life against ones of the 1920s, and I understood. That and my great grandfather’s old stamp album with countries I had never heard of, and which will never be seen again.

A few remnants of the world that disappeared:

ca. 1912 Austrian Green Silk Gown with Separate Guimpe @ www.pastperfectvintage.com

ca. 1912 Black Silk Satin & Lace Dress @ www.pastperfectvintage.com

ca. 1914 Grey Silk Dress with beaded overskirt & Purple sash from our archives

ca. 1915 Beaded Blue Silk Satin & Black Lace Dress from our archives

ca 1915 Cranberry Wool Suit with Soutache Trim by Jordan Marsh from our archives

ca 1914 - 16 Beaded Cotton Gauze dress from Louisville, KY from our archives

ca 1918 Embroidered Wool Walking Suit with Fur Collar from our archives

ca 1918 - 1920 Magenta Velvet and Black Tulle Dress by Arthur Weiss @ www.pastperfectvintage.com

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