Jul 25, 2008

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes!

I sure do. Need new shoes that is. Because this blog started out as an Ode to my Favorite Shoes and when I got these three pair out and not one pair is newer than , oh, 1987. I gotta get with the 21st Century here.

Favorite Pair of Vintage Shoes, Division I:

Early 1930s Salvatore Ferragamos. Wonderful two tone leather with gold piping. Also winner of The Best Pair of Shoes from an Indiana Farm Estate Auction. And, no they aren't for sale. Even if they were, there's a line.

Favorite Pair of Shoes My Husband Gave Me Division:
Great present, yes? Snappy black leather & taupe doeskin Italian made Edwardian repros from J. Peterman. I sure wore these a lot in the late 1980s. See the toes? I even wore them to work. With a long black suede skirt and black tights.

Favorite Pair of Boots, Recently Purchased Division:

I just found these 1960s Mod Go-Go boots in cream knit and patent leather - so much cooler than plain white leather. They were from a small town in Indiana, too. Puzzling. Is Small Town, Indiana a hotbed of shoe fashion?
Let me state the obvious. There is a theme here. I do love me some two tone shoes.

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Ookoo said...

Very cool shoes.