Jul 2, 2008

The Appeal of Tailoring

After continuing introspection, I find one of the appealing things about tailored menswear is the numerous statements than can be made within the limited confines of acceptable men’s styles. Yes, yes, all suits have collars, lapels, and pockets. Trousers are pretty basic. And yet the range of effect and statement possible within the standard lines is amazing. From choice of fabric and fiber - wool tweed, rayon gab, sharkskin, polyester double knit , to the front closure - 6 button double breasted, 3 button single breasted, 4 button, and on to color options - avocado, anyone? plus fit - the permutations are endless. As are the social messages the variations send. It’s like learning a secret code that changes every few years.

Please enjoy these variations on a recurring theme, all from the Past Perfect archives:

1930s Suit in black and red window pane wool plaid. Jacket is single breasted, 3 button front, ventless back with 2 pairs of trousers. The trousers have a button fly, belt loops, watch pocket and cuffs.

Late 1930s Lorraine Haspel Suit with Surf White New Orleans label. This unlined, washable 2 pc. summer suit has patch pockets and a Norfolk back. Trousers with button fly, belt loops and cuffs.

Pre war 1940s Double breasted blue striped wool suit with SB vest, button fly trousers, ventless back

Early 1950s blue wool gabardine 2 piece, 2 button suit, with zip fly trousers, with a Louisville, KY label

1950s 3 piece slate blue wool suit with single breasted jacket, fitted vest and trousers. This was most likely British made.

1960s gold wool 2 pc. suit, New York made with Minneapolis store label. Trousers have western style pockets with button tab waist.

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