Jun 22, 2008

Dear Mr. Galanos

If you have looked at my profile, you know I live in a small town. In semi rural KY. A nice town, good people. Lots of well behaved wildlife that doesn‘t eat our vegetable garden or get in our garbage can. Now, these good people know their Carhardt and their Levis, and they have message T’s Down. I mean Seriously Down. But please believe me when I tell you I am pretty sure I am the only person in this county with a Norman Norell or a Mainbocher in the closet. If you find anything at a yard or estate sale in this county, it’s going to be Billy Bob Dior or Brenda Chanel, and it will be plaid flannel.

Which brings us to today’s musing. A year or so ago, I sent put one of those press releases desperate internet vendors email out. So Sad. Our local newspaper picked up on it a sent a very earnest, and very nice, fellow to do a photo and interview at the house in my studio. I did a set up of some representative vintage dresses and suits on the mannequins. Now he was a good guy, pleasant and serious about his job, but clearly fashion, and particularly vintage fashion, had never been his beat. I dropped names and labels to no avail. I mentioned high prices in the East Coast auctions. I said we had sold research pieces to RL. Nada.

Finally, I tell him one of the dresses on the forms is a James Galanos 1950s suit, and that Nancy Reagan wore a lot of his clothes. And then, for the first, and likely the last time in my newish hometown, I got it:


Dear Mr. Galanos, Thank You.

And in tribute and gratitude, a small montage of Galanos in Red and Black:

1960s Galanos rhinestone encrusted silk chiffon evening gown
from Freeman's June 2007 Ebay Live Auction

Cocktail dress Red silk satin, taffeta, and horsehair 1955-56

from the The Museum at FIT 2007 Exhibit She's Like a Rainbow: Colors in Fashion

1960s Red & Black Plaid Wool Spencer Coat and Dress, matching tam not shown,
from our archives

ca 1955 Red Silk Chiffon cocktail dress with Red & Black wool jacket with black velvet collar, from our archives

Eraly 1960s Black Nubby Wool sleeveless suit from our archives

and available at http://www.katykane.com/, a Printed & Woven red chiffon 3 pc Evening Gown

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