Jun 19, 2008

A Bustle Fiesta, part one

Yes. Another blog begins. Another blog devoted mainly to vintage fashion. But with a difference. I promise no models with sunglasses and pigeon toes. Cute, but you can see those anywhere.

To begin at the beginning. I will let you in on a Deep Dark, Secret. I am a vintage collector and dealer without a Favorite Period. Truly I am. No favorites, but admittedly a few I can live without, primarily a couple I lived through.

That said, I am fond of the bustle eras. Not to the exclusion of all other periods, but definitely fond. I do believe the extended 1870 - 1890 period really provided full expression to the desire to drape and upholster a woman with everything possible and cram as much texture, trimming and fabric as a dressmaker could stand to handle in one gown.

And yet.........there could be great grace achieved in that effort.

And so, we begin with a small gallery of Day, Reception and Wedding gowns for your consideration.

Tone on Tone Contrast

ca. 1870 3 piece Brown Silk Day Dress, from The Past Treasures

A Plethora of Fabric Flounces

ca. 1870 3 piece Tarleton Wedding Dress from The Past Treasures

Texture and Color Contrast

Mid 1870s Blue Plaid Gauze Summer Bustle Dress

@ http://www.perfectvintage.com/

The Upholstered Effect

1875- 1880 Olive Green Wool Day Dress from The Past Treasures

@ http://www.pastperfectvintage.com/

Glorious Color and a Wealth of Pleating

1870s Glorious Gold Victorian Bustle Reception Gown

@ http://www.pastperfectvintage.com/

Grace, Elegance and a Comparative Simplicity

1881 Wedding Dress @ http://www.vintagetextile.com/


Anonymous said...

Great new blog!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on joining the blogging universe! And that "Plethora of Fabric Flounces" piece is stunning.